• The key to decreasing waste and being able to cut disposables from your life is to be prepared! Stashing this cutlery wrap in your bag means that you can refuse single-use options time and time again.


    This wrap is like the older, wiser sister to the On-The-Go Wallet. If the On-The-Go Wallet was Rachel Green, this number would be Monica Geller: more organised, better equipped, and ready to tackle most food emergencies. With the Cutlery Wrap, you've got a number of options to fully customise it by adding your own complete line-up of cutlery, reusable straws and/or chopsticks, or alternatively pop a few wooden sporks and straws in there so the whole family is sorted. The generously-sized napkin is made from soft flannelette and sits on top of the cutlery, so you can wrap the whole thing up small to tuck away. 


    Please note: This listing is for the Cutlery Wrap and napkin only. Additional items are not included. 


    Each cutlery wrap and napkin is proudly handmade in NZ from repurposed vintage linen or fabric offcuts using Zero Waste production practises. With all vintage textiles, there may be some minor imperfections such as areas of light fading or crease marks. Pattern placement may slightly differ to the article pictured.