• Ideal Cup is New Zealand's most awarded reusable coffee cup, and for very good reason! Here at In My Kitchen, we love Ideal Cups because:

    • They're designed and manufactured in NZ
    • At the end of its (very long) life, the entire cup can be either recycled in your general kerbside recycling, or be returned to the manufacturer where it will be ground down and reprocessed into a new product (unlike silicone or broken glass, which cannot be recycled)
    • They're made from a durable, non-toxic, BPA free material which doesn't develop stains, smells or nasty tastes over time
    • The built-in “fins” dissipate heat and makes the cup comfortable to hold
    • The cup and lid are the most easy to clean model we've come across, and they're also 100% commercially dishwasher safe
    • Baristas love them - the cup height was specifically designed to fit under espresso machine group heads


    The finer details:

    • The lid is manufactured from a polyethelene (#4 recyclable plastic)
    • The cup is manufactured from a polypropylene (#5 recyclable plastic) and has a talc filling which makes the cup robust and virtually unbreakable, whilst ensuring it won't become soft and flimsy over time
    • The cup has a 335ml/12oz capacity and also includes moulded internal lines for 10oz and 8oz pouring


    Please note: Photos are an indication only. Please choose your specific combination of cup, lid and design from the current choices available in the drop-down menu.