• Manufactured by Bento Ninja, this is an innovative and versatile stainless steel bento lunchbox system which can be used as one tier for snacks, or two tiers for a full meal. With this at your disposal, you can finally break up with annoying plastic lunch boxes which seem to have a knack for breaking in their first week of use! (Please note that if you are purchasing more than one, the standard and deep size lunchbox tiers are not interchangeable.)

    The premium quality and sturdy construction uses 100% food-grade stainless steel and means you're investing in a quality product to last for years. This product is free of BPA, lead, toxins, and phthalates. The small rectangular container is particularly handy for storing crackers, nuts, and dried fruit.


    Measures: 18cm x 13cm x 8cm.
    Weight: 525g + 125g (rectangular container). 

    This lunchbox can hold over 5.5 cups of food, plus the rectangular container can hold an additional 1 cup. Overall volume is 1400ml + 250ml. 


    Measures: 18cm x 13cm x 11cm.

    Weight: 558g + 125g (rectangular container).

    Overall volume is 2000ml + 250ml. Please note that the deep size lunchbox has slightly firmer clips and is recommended as suitable for ages 7+.


    Can be used in the dishwasher top rack. Do not use in the microwave. Lunchbox is not leak-proof (however leak-proof yoghurt and snack containers are available!).

    Bento Ninja offer a one year warranty for any manufacturer defects, and will repair any broken clip parts at your shipping expense for life - no more thrown away broken lunchboxes. They also offer a repair service for any bent or misshapen lunchboxes (which shouldn't happen from general usage) at your own shipping expense.