• Sick of plastic pegs which are destined to break, or wooden pegs that keep falling apart or going mouldy? These high quality stainless steel spring wire pegs are the solution!

    We are thrilled to stock the extremely popular 'Bento Ninja' stainless steel pegs. While they may look small, they are mighty strong. These pegs can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind with ease, yet can also be used with very thin and delicate clothes.


    STANDARD pegs are constructed from Stainless Steel 304. Size: Approx 6cm x 1.5cm; 1.8mm wire diameter. If you live near the sea, it is recommended to bring them inside and wash occasionally to keep them clean.


    MARINE GRADE pegs are constructed from Stainless Steel 316 and are recommended if you live within 500m of the sea. Size: 5.9cm x 1.5cm; 2mm wire diameter.

    20 pegs per set. They are packaged in a handy reusable cotton cloth bag, which you can reuse for general items or for buying nuts, seeds, and other bulk-bin snacks.