• These tote bags from kiwi company Zerobag are made from recycled plastic bottles and are the perfect lightweight, long life, and quality reusable bag that can fit in your pocket. There's no extra pouches or domes - this clever little bag folds into itself - and the good construction and design doesn't stop there. With military-grade high strength polyester thread on all seams, and no bottom seam for added strength, you know it's going to last the distance. In fact, Zerobag had them load-tested and they ran out of space in the bag at 46.9 kg!


    Zerobag comes in 5 different colours:

    • Midnight oil (black)
    • Electric blue (light blue)
    • Purple rain (purple)
    • Red red wine (
    • Greenday (one of my favourite bands in the 90's)


    Keep one in your handbag or backpack so you're never caught unprepared! These are also great additions to our new gift boxes, as they make thoughtful and attractive gifts. 

    Made in China from 100% certified recycled plastic bottle material (rPET).

    Size: 580mm (H), 450mm (W). Volume: 16.5 litres. Bag weight: 30 grams. 


    A portion of each Zerobag sale is donated to Sustainable Coastlines in an effort to further help protect our environment from plastic pollution.