In My Kitchen utilises Zero Waste ideology and practices throughout every step of the business model. From reusing paper during the planning and design stage, to shipping customer purchases in completely compostable packaging, we're proud to reduce waste while helping others to do the same.


In My Kitchen is big on reusing vintage fabrics to give them a new lease of life. Textiles are repurposed to create an array of functional products to enable you to decrease your use of plastics in an eye-catching, attractive way. While the majority of our fabrics are presently sourced second-hand, we are working towards a goal of using 100% reused materials.


You may notice that our cloth bags are not all a perfect, uniformed size. That's because we utilise as much fabric as possible from every original article - for example, some vintage pillowcases will provide more usable material than others (dependent on the fabric quality and construction). With our hand-stamped and and hand-sewn gift pack bags, any fabric off-cuts are joined together to create additional bags.


In My Kitchen products are presented in paper and fastened with a nifty staple-less stapler; alternatively, items are package-free where possible. All postal packaging can be composted - even the brown paper tape uses a vegetable-based gum! Customers who may be new to zero waste are reminded to please dispose of packaging appropriately with an In My Kitchen branded stamp. 


If you pop your head into the In My Kitchen home office, you won't see a Pinterest-worthy perfectly matched system for storing stock and materials. Instead, you'll find repurposed packaging boxes trimmed to size and filled with products, and old stationary items and storage solutions we had already. Complimentary gift tags when customers purchase a gift are handmade using old children's picture books. And while we are still working with suppliers to send stock to us plastic-free, any soft plastics we do encounter are recycled.


It's important to us to showcase Zero Waste lifestyle alternatives in an attractive, appealing light. While particular effort has been made to finely style our products across the website and in social media, all photoshoot props have either been sourced secondhand or were articles we already owned.


In My Kitchen purchases come with a complimentary info-card, sharing key statistics and insights into the extent of our rubbish problem and what we can do about it. If you prefer, you can opt-out of receiving this resource, just leave a note at the checkout. 


Where possible, In My Kitchen supports local kiwi businesses when sourcing raw materials. We are proud to be customers of Go Native, Pure Nature, Arthur Holmes, and local charity op shops.